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ADR and working to picture generally is much smoother these days as there's no waiting time for mechanical shuttling & locking. Scroll down for specific ADR info.

MOVs can be delivered by FTP (we charge 10 per 500MB - under 10MB, no charge) or on a hardrive or USB stick. Don't send anything larger than 10MB by email. Generally we don't need or want huge high resolution files. The original frame rate should be maintained. Audio - keep the 48 kHz stereo audio tracks, with the same audio bit-depth and sample rate in case we need to use any of it. Ideally it would be safer to get files or tapes to us at least the day beforehand so we can check the files are compatible, and so they can be loaded into the system.

  • See our Video Spec sheet here

    If files are non-compatible with our current versions of Pro Tools - i.e. WMV or AVC, then we may have to re-encode them. This will normally be chargeable - and can be quite time consuming.

    MOVs are also relatively easy for sync voice recording via ISDN or Source Connect.

  • "Wild" recordings (not to picture) are charged at 130 per hour (+ UK VAT)
  • 2-line ISDN is 150 p/h (plus outgoing calls if we originate them). Source Connect is also 150 p/h
    (Add 20 p/h to ISDN & Source Connect prices for working to picture - whether as a guide, reference playback/view or full pic sync or ADR. For example, a 2-line ISDN link-up or Source Connect with picture would be 170 p/h + VAT)
  • Record to picture (whether full sync, viewing only or as a guide) 150 p/h

    For out of hours fees see this page. Late transport for engineers & runners may be charged if very early or very late. Fruit, biscuits, tea, coffee are complimentary - meals are charged at cost. Deliveries are charged, as are outgoing phone patch or ISDN calls.

    During the course of a series, often the presenter is on location shooting a future programme when he/she is needed for the recording of the links for this weeks transmission! With studio-to-studio ISDN or Source Connect link-ups this is no problem. Presenter narration links for many TV programmes are often recorded this way.

    We can undertake the voice-over/narration recording and the full post-production/sweetening process in our ProTools studios. Or, you may just need us to import an OMFi with completed audio that just needs sweetening/mixing. Alternatively the programme may need tracklaying to add SFX, music, atmospheres, room environments - plus cleaning-up and matching of location audio & so on & so forth.

    Commonly, we import AVID OMFi's or Pro-Tools sessions. If we are providing you with OMF's - please double-check (& triple-check) what sort of OMF's are required - embedded audio, linked audio etc.

    We have R128 loudness meters, and we have specs for UK & European broadcasters.

    We undertake many ongoing reversioning projects for broadcasters both in the UK and overseas. Once the new dialogue has been recorded it then needs to be mixed with the M&E or International Track to give a final mix. Often at this stage we'll find that only a partial M&E has been supplied, or that there are holes, or even some bad foley work that needs correcting. If you have doubts about the various components make sure you budget for some restoration work.

    ADR is a specialised field - whether adding/replacing dialogue in the original language, or replacing one language with another. Matching lip-synch calls on specialised talents from the actors, voice director & studio engineers. Any script alterations/translations have to take into account mouth movements.

    Depending on the budget and/or production requirements you can opt for full lip-synch, line synch or paragraph synch.

    We do not have a full scale dedicated film-type ADR stage, but we regularly undertake booth ADR for suitable projects, quite often for overseas productions when some of the actors may have finished shooting & returned to the UK. See our testimonial page for some specific ADR comments. Again, please talk to us at an early stage - and send a detailed brief as to what outcome you are expecting.

    ADR actors may need to be helped with their cues. The actors can be cued by means of pre-programmed on-screen wipes or countdowns. Although these can be entered on the fly, it saves a lot of expensive studio time if the scripts are supplied with time-code cues marked-up in a pre-determined word-processing format. ADR prep is normally charged - minimum 1/2 hr.

    * See this typical estimate:
    30 minute set up for dual mic & prep time at 150 p/h = 75
    1 hour Source Connect & ADR record at 170 p/h
    Download of material - charged at 10 per 500mb
    Upload of audio by our File Delivery System - charged 10 per 500mb

    We generally pre-prep all ADR sessions with artist cue swipes, we can do this from your cue sheet/script- as long as we have it in an editable format (not a PDF). How long this takes depends upon the number of cues - on average 30 lines will take an hour to prep this can be confirmed once we receive all of the material. Cueing prep time is charged at 150 per hour, minimum hr (as above) but once we receive the material we can let you know if any more is needed. *

    Ordinary studio microphones - no matter how good - often just don't give the right "feel" or the correct matching ambience. We may use highly directional semi-shotgun mics - or even lapel mics to capture the correct perspectives. Generally we use a shotgun and a lapel - or U87 - as requested. Or we can hire-in the mics as used for the original recording(s). To do this, we will need specific info from you, and the reference files a few days beforehand.

    Video capture - we can share our boothcams via Skype video, and/or record the camera output (normally HD) and send the files to you. The file sizes will be quite large so be aware that our file delivery charges are 10 per 500MB. Or we can use our Sony Z5, or hire in a specialised crew. All of this may cost extra 's!
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