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Studio rates and extras - March 2017

BASIC RATES (E&OE), add 20% VAT for UK clients: Plus any extras as below or set-up/prep times.

Minimum booking 1 hour, bookings start on the hour or half hour only. We charge "as confirmed".
Over-runs will often not be possible, so book enough time!

"Wild"/"Blind"/"To Black" voice recording (i.e. not to any picture), editing    130.00 per hour.
If more than 2 mics required we will need to allocate - and charge - 1/2 hr studio set-up time.
"To picture" voice recording with one mic (whether sync, viewing, reference or streaming)    150.00 per hour.

ADR (or ADR type) recordings, generally with a shotgun and a lav.    150.00 per hour or 170 if ISDN or
Source Connect, plus minimum 1/2 hr studio set-up and also minimum 1/2 hr cue prep.

2-line ISDN - 150 per hour, 170 to picture. Up to 220 p/h for 6 lines to pic. (Plus any dial-out charges.)
Additional ISDN connections - 20 p/h per connection - whether 1 or 2 lines.
Source Connect Pro/Now - 150 p/h, 170 to picture.

Audio downloads or delivery uploads - 10 per 500MB or part of, per connection. (No charge from/to USB).
Video downloads 10 per GB. (see the Video Specs link in the top menu) (No charge from/to USB)
Video streaming - if we are "live" video streaming, say a podcast, please add 20 p/h
Phone patches/ISDN calls dialled out, cost + 20%.     Photocopy/printing - 20 or more - 5p per copy.
Bought-in meals/coffees over 2 - cost + 5%       Cabs, bikes, couriers, hire, dialouts & anything else - cost + 20%

Out-of-hours fees charged outside Mon-Fri 9-6 UK, 40 p/h. Higher at w/ends and if very late on weekdays.
Example: If session is 19.00-20.00, you'll be charged an extra 40 p/h from 18.00-20.00.

Please read below for further information and explanations...

Our Studio rates are very realistic given our location and thus high overheads. We own the freehold of our 6,500 sq ft premises - so we don't have to hike our prices to pay rip-off rent increases!  Our rates are much lower than some other comparable London studios - and each session includes a very experienced, helpful sound engineer.  We have a passion for sound - whether phone prompts, TV Doc narration or major ADR - and everything in between.

For account clients our payment terms are strictly within 30 calendar days. Our rates are calculated on that basis, so longer payment terms may well mean an increase in hourly rates. You can apply for a 30 day account, or you can opt (or may be asked) to pay by Credit/Debit card on the day. If your AP people require a PO, please let us know BEFORE we invoice. This saves SO much hassle.

We charge for some "extras" (see top of page) in order to keep the basic studio rates as low as possible for the majority of clients who don't need any extras. This seems to be the fairest way.

We charge "as confirmed" plus any over-runs used in 1/4 hr blocks. Cancellation fees of up to 100% may be charged if a confirmed session is cancelled within 24hrs (weekdays) of the session UK start time.

Please confirm your session by email with your requirements/deadlines/tech specs.

Within the confirmed session time, always allow a few mins at the start for adjusting mic positions/taking levels. At the end allow for consolidating/exporting from ProTools - and your file deliveries - WAVS, PTX, AAF... Note any cleaning/removing mouth clicks/breaths etc should be allowed for too. Plus any editing of course! If not allowed for, it will have to be charged as an over-run - which may not always be possible.

Sessions start on the hour or half-hour, minimum 1 hr. Out Of Hours fees applicable outside Mon-Fri 9-6

For multi-mic "roundtable" recordings (or booth ADR), allow for a mandatory minimum of 1/2 hr chargeable studio/mic set-up time. For ADR, as well as the 1/2 hr above, also allow for a minimum 1/2 hr of ADR cue prep time. (Plus minimum 1 hr ADR recording session)

To match voice quality & levels to material recorded elsewhere - please send us a match file.

Please confirm your session by email with your requirements/deadlines/tech specs.

Please don't spring a last-minute NDA on us - we won't have time to consider it. You'll risk losing the session and being charged for it. The very nature of our business means we are well used to dealing with confidential material. We don't litter social media with what we've been doing!

Editing down to individual files - we work on the basis of achieving around 70 cleaned / edited / named / checked / converted files per hour. Depending on the actual material it may be faster - or slower!

Holds/Pencils. If you don't reply to any email asking about your pencil within 4 hours of us sending - at our discretion we will release your pencil and inform you. For multiple evening (or daytime holds in excess of 2 hrs) we will need to receive notification of holds confirmed or released the working day beforehand (between 09.00-18.00 UK - our normal working hours). If it nevertheless still stretches on to the same day, a remaining hold will automatically be taken as a confirmation. This means you'll get billed 100% for the time held for that day plus the relevant out-of-hours fees, whether or not it's actually used.