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I S D N / S O U R C E   C O N N E C T   P R O   -   S T U D I O   A N D   V O I C E   L I N K - U P S

See here for more about ADR & Sound-to-pic

RATES: (min booking 1 hr)

  • Source Connect Pro (wild) - 150 p/h
  • Source Connect Pro (to picture) - 170 p/h
  • Studio + 15KHz 2-line mono/stereo units - 150 p/h + call charges + VAT
  • Studio + 15KHz 2-line mono/stereo units to picture - 170 p/h + call charges + VAT
  • ISDN call charges ONLY if we dial out
  • (Extra codecs/connections etc - add 20 p/h per 1 or 2-line connection)

  • Studio + G722 / APT-X  (both 7.5KHz mono) 1-line - 130 p/h + call charges + VAT. Mainly for multibroadcasts, some BBC studios & some USA broadcast studios
      (2-line connections will be charged at the higher 2-line rate in 1/4 hr blocks. Extra codecs or bridges etc - add 20 p/h per codec/connection.)

  • Studio + 15-20KHz 3-4 line hook-ups - 180 p/h + call charges + VAT
  • Studio + 15-20KHz 5-6 line hook-ups - 200 p/h + call charges + VAT

  • With picture as "guide", viewing - or synched via T/C over ISDN or locked via Source Connect - add 20 p/h to the relevant rate above.

    e.g. A six-line ISDN hook-up synced to MOV will cost 220 per hour + call charges + VAT where applicable.

    As far as sound studios are concerned, ISDN is a wide bandwidth digital data line enabling real-time transmission of 2-way STEREO BROADCAST QUALITY audio in real-time between two points - with the correct equipment. There are various incompatible standards.

    We have:-
    - CDQ 2001, MPEG layer II. 15kHz stereo. Compatible with Prima, Zephyr etc
    - CDQ 2000, MPEG layer II. 15kHz stereo. Compatible with Prima, Zephyr etc
    - CDQ Prima
    - Centauri 3001 - almost all encoding algorithms inc. AAC.
    - APT Worldnet Tokyo - covers almost anything. Multi-algorithm, ISDN and IP codec offering all popular coding algorithms, including both Enhanced and Standard apt-X for low delay live broadcasting. Up to 6 ISDN lines may be used to acheive high bit rate connections.
    - APT-X 128 (Nica 128), 15 kHz mono. (Less processing delays than the CDQ & very common in the Netherlands)
    - APT-X 64, 7.5 kHz mono x 3
    - G722, 7.5 kHz mono x 3
    - Pronto 3 - G722, ISO MPEG Layer II Mono 64 Kbps, Joint stereo 128 Kbps, ISO MPEG Layer III Mono 64 Kbps and Joint Stereo 128 Kbps

    We don't charge "connection charges" like some studios. There are no extra charges for incoming ISDN calls. We prefer to be honest about costs - on outgoing calls (only) we charge call rates at cost + 20% to cover handling & admin. Under 2 - we don't charge on the costs.

    The majority of our ISDN sessions are 2-line connections. If using 3 or more lines then that reduces the number of simultaneous 2-line sessions we can run - hence our prices vary according to the number of lines used.

    INTERNATIONAL ISDN CALLS  In the UK British Telecom charged prohibitive data rates for overseas ISDN calls - could be between 6 & 48 (!!) times more expensive than equivalent normal voice calls. However, we now have ditched BT - for a 2-ISDN hook-up to the USA we would have had to charge 1.39 per minute with BT - we now charge 39p per min.

    It's often cheaper for the overseas studios to dial into us - then there are no call charges charged by us, it's as simple as that.

  • Timecode can be sent between compatible 4-line or 6-line units, or down one leg of a 2-line unit. MOV video files can be controlled by a remote studio with the right gear. We do quite a lot of work locking to picture via ISDN.

  • An alternative to simple wild voice sessions via ISDN is to produce via a 'phone patch, and then we FTP you the recording.

  • Another alternative is Source Connect Pro. An IP-to-IP solution (so no ISDN call charges) for Pro Tools, Nuendo etc - which can be used to simply contribute remotely to a session - or can be used for common video file sources, machine control, final audio delivery etc.

    As well as linking-up between studios and/or voices, ISDN is also used for "multibroadcasts", "down-the-line", "studio-to-station" links. All these terms mean the same thing and usually use restricted bandwidth mono codecs - APT-X 7.5kHz or G722 7.5kHz mono units. An interviewee in one of our studios is sequentially linked to various UK BBC/Commercial radio stations - and sometimes overseas radio stations.

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      Just north of Oxford Street,
      The Sound Company Ltd
      offers 7,500 sq ft of audio
      facilities for voice-overs and
      audio post-production - in
      English or any language.
      To picture, or just wild.

    The Sound Company Ltd

    Seven Pro Tools sound studios
    for voice-overs & audio post-production
    Skype/Phone/Facetime patches in all studios

    WiFi access in reception & all studios

    750 sq ft "tv" studio for rehearsals, tv media training or as a 4-waller

    E & O E. © Geoff Oliver and The Sound Company Ltd 1993-2017