The Sound Company
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  The Sound Company Ltd
  23 Gosfield Street
  London W1W 6HG, UK

  T: +44 (0)20 7580 5880
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The Sound Company Ltd
Seven studios for voice-overs
& audio post-production

7 x Pro Tools studios,
1 x Sadie

750 sq ft studio for TV media training or 4-waller hire

FTP. Our FTP server is a dedicated server linked directly to a backbone. Once we've uploaded, your download speed is only governed by your connection speed. We have seventy individual FTP folders - all password protected - and also available via HTTP (i.e. a www web address) which can be useful if you have internal firewall problems. As you may know, most common ADSL circuits - no matter how fast the download speed - have a fixed LOW upload speed. We use special fast upload circuits which are extremely expensive. Consequently we charge for FTP or Email uploads and downloads - 10 per 500MB.

DigiDelivery. We have our own DigiDelivery server which Studios often prefer to use. It's a very good system. Having the server on our premises means we can upload quickly. The downside is that if you have a fast download speed, your speed will be governed by our local server connection speed. At the time of writing (21.03.08) we are waiting for yet faster circuits to be installed. These will cost the same as employing an extra member of staff (!!), but will give clients unrivalled electronic delivery speeds. Email. Fine for delivering small MP3 files etc, but of course have no security. Most email servers limit both the size of outgoing & incoming attachments no matter what the actual mailbox size. Commonly this is 5MB - please check with your ISP or Administrator. Please note that some SPAM filters will also block attachments, so please add our domain address to your email whitelist.